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This site is dedicated to the memory of our fallen classmates. Hopefully, it will also serve to keep all of our fellow Alumni, friends and former faculty members updated on Briarwood reunion news, classmates, and other events. You are encouraged to visit our Alumni Forum (launched in January, 2009). Registration is not required, but highly encouraged.

Don’t see any reunion information or photos from your graduating class year? Have patience - this site is still under development and volunteer supported. As more alumni stumble across the site, hopefully you or one of your fellow classmates will feel compelled to share an annual or some memorabilia, and help us put together a class page. At the very least, please keep us posted on your class' upcoming reunion events.

Briarwood High School does not physically exist anymore (and for those of you who no longer live in East Point… it’s gone). But the relationships formed during that common period in our lives will last a lifetime. Be sure to attend your class reunion events and reap the personal benefits that come from reconnecting with a unique period in your past.

And get involved. Help us fill in the missing stories about the people common to our lives. As you browse, if you you know someone that has passed away, or if you can fill in the story of someone that is listed as missing, please contact us.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your walk down memory lane!


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